Tacoma Narrows Cable Wires Are Corroded

붕괴사고를 치룬 후 1950년 재시공된 Tacoma Narrow Bridge의 교통 부담을 덜기 위해 2007년 완공을 목표로 바로 옆에 시공 중에 있는 New Tacoma Narrow Bridge.

이 새 교량에 사용되는 케이블을 우리나라 업체가 공급을 했는데 부식때문에 문제가 된 모양이다. 제조상의 문제보다는 보관을 잘못하여 부식이 진행되었다고 보는 것이 우리에게는 그나마 다행한 일 일 것 같은데 아직까지 결론은 안났다.

“The problem was improper storage,” she said. “I don’t know that there’s any blame at this point. It’s just an unfortunate incident.”

다음은 ENR에 실린 관련 기사 중 일부다.

About 20% of the 4,800 coils of cable meant for the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge’s 2,800-ft-long suspension span are unusable and will have to be replaced. Linea Laird, project manager for the Washington Dept. of Transportation, says it is too early to determine costs and delays associated with the wire problem.

Inspectors for the $850-million, 5,400-ft-long Gig Harbor crossing are still performing tests and inspections on almost 1,000 wire coils that show some oxidation to ascertain if they are usable, says Laird. Another 1,400 coils showed no oxidation. Some 1,200 wires have already been spun. “We’re confident that the wire already installed is corrosion-free,” says Claudia Cornish, project spokeswoman.

While possible improper packing of the Asian-manufactured wire may have caused the corrosion, “it is premature to say for sure,” Cornish adds.

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