Calatrava’s Bridge in Jerusalem

Santiago Calatrava가 시편 150:3, “나팔 부는 소리로 여호와를 찬양하라. 하프와 수금으로 여호와를 찬양하라.(Praise Him with a blast of the trumpet; praise Him with the lyre and harp!)”에서 영감을 얻었다는 ‘Bridge of String‘의 완공이 이 달말로 다가 오고 있는데도 아직 논란이 있는 모양이다. 전에 언급했던 내용보단 완공을 앞 둔 교량과 관련된 현실적인 문제점들이 불거져 나오고 있다.

Opponents have objected to an alleged lack of transparency in the planning process and to the higher cost of a suspension bridge, said in 2004 to be nearly 70 percent more than that of a conventional concrete bridge. Others also contend that Jerusalem, sacred to three religions but also the poorest city in Israel, already has enough monuments to attract tourists and does not need to spend money on yet another monument. And some observers have complained that the bridge is located too close to surrounding apartment buildings. [Calatrava’s Bridge in Jerusalem Incites Controversy]

Calatrava’s Bridge in Jerusalem

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