Akashi Kaikyo Bridge 케이블 구성

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Cables of Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Cable Specifications

  • Construction method : PS (Prefabricated Strand) method
  • Maximum tensile strength per cable : approx. 62,500 tons
  • Maximum tensile strength per hanger rope : approx. 560 tons
  • Material : high strength galvanized steel wire
  • Tensile strength per wire : 180 kg/mm2
  • Cable diameter : 1,122 mm(not inclusive of wrapping)
  • Composition : 5.23 mm dia * 127 wires/strand *290 strands/ cable * 2 cables
  • Total number of wires : 36,830/cable * 2 cables
  • Strand length : 4,071m – 4,074m
  • Total wire length : approx. 4.07 km * 127*290*2=300,000 km
  • Weight of steel main cable : 50,500 tons
  • Hanger ropes, saddle. etc. : 7,200 tons

(자료 출처 : HSBA : Introduction to Akashi Kaikyo Bridge)

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    Hiya guys,

    I really love the info on your site.
    I am publishing a book on self development and I talk about The Akashi Kaikyo.

    I was wandering if I could use your 2 images in my book please. Of course I will credit your website.

    Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it.

    Mark (Llewhellin)

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