ASCE 2006 Bridges Calendar

ASCE에서 2006년 달력을 벌써 선 보였다.

January : Rion-Antirion Bridge, Gulf of Corinth, Greece

February : Menai Straits Bridge, Wales, UK

March : Firth of Forth Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

April : Fred Hartman Bridge, between Baytown and LaPorte, Texas

May : Kintaikyo Bridge(錦帯橋), Iwakuni, Japan

June : Arlington Memorial Bridge, Arlington, Virginia

July : Magere Brug, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

August : Kaaimans River Rail Bridge, between George and Knysna, South Africa

September : Nanpu Bridge, Shanghai, China

October : Jacques Cartier Bridge, Quebec, Canada

November : Alamillo Bridge, Seville, Spain

December : Rainbow Bridge, between Smiths Ferry and Cascade, Idaho

*이미지 출처 : ASCE

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