Wired에 실린 “The Future of Bridges: Self-Replicating and Weird-Looking“라는 기사에 인용된 Stephen Wolfram이라는 사람의 글을 찾아보았다.

But what is the very best bridge structure, say from the point of view of robustness? There’s a huge universe of possibilities. But so far, only a tiny corner has been explored–and that mostly in the 1800s.

It’s very much the same as in other areas of engineering. People have come up with particular structures to consider. Most often they’re just based on a sequence of identical repeating elements, or sometimes of nested elements.

But what about all the other possible structures? Maybe the best structures aren’t so simple-looking. [The Space of All Possible Bridge Shapes]

Simplicity와 symmetry에 대한 역학적 기본이 없이 수학적 모델로 이상적인 교량 형식을 찾아낸다는 것… 웃기는 일이고 할 말이 없다.

‘가장 이상적인 구조계는 가장 단순한 구조계’다.

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