Puente de la Mujer

Santiago Calatrava가 디자인한 Swing Bridge (선개교 旋開橋 – 교량이 수평방향으로 회전하는 가동교) 형식의 교량인 Puente de la Mujer. 선개교 형식으로는 흔치 않은 사장교이다.

The Puente de la Mujer is a rotating suspension bridge, 102m (335 ft) long, set between a pair of fixed bridges. The central section is suspended by cables from an inclined pylon 39m (128 ft) high. This section of the bridge can rotate 90 degrees to allow free passage of water traffic. Built of reinforced concrete and steel and paved with natural stone or ceramics, the Puente de la Mujer will be illuminated at night, transforming it into a new symbol for Buenos Aires.

Puente de la Mujer Bridge

Puente de la Mujer Bridge

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