Millau bridge(미요교)

BBC에 실린 미요교에 관한 사진기사 : Millau bridge
미요교 홈페이지 :

The Viaduct’s Length, Height, Width & Weight

87 meters (approximately 287 feet) : Height of the pylons
2,460 meters : Total length of the deck 7 Number of pillars
77 meters : Shortest pillar
240 meters : Highest pillar
154 : Number of stays
4.20 meters : Thickness of the deck
32.05 meters : Width of the deck
85,000 m3 : Total volume of concrete
36,000 tons : Weight of the metal structure

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  1. By Bridge Blog on Thu 26 Jan, 2006 at 1:23 pm

    Millau교 관련 IABSE 기사…

    Recent Structure Worldwide : Millau Viaduct [SEI(Structural Engineering International) Volume 15, Number 1]

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